Ana Laura López

She was born in Mexico City in 1979.
Actress, storyteller, teacher, art therapist.


Licensed in Theatre Arts from the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León (UANL) (2001).


Since then she has not finished his training as an artist and has discovered a link like creative, educational and art therapist.


Co-founder and member of the Group Piltontli Teatro (2003-2010), performing shows directed mostly to young audiences, participating in various cultural and educational institutions programs, such as schools, hospitals, children´s home, street theater, theaters and other spaces, in Nuevo Leon and in other states of México.


She has taught in the areas of theater and dance at the Center for Artistic Development "Alfonso Reyes" (CEDART) (2006-2012) and at various universities in Monterrey, México.


From 2005 to 2012 she worked in the program  "Alas a los sueños" CONARTE, using tools like clown, storytelling, puppetry, to accompany the sick and / or visiting children in hospitals.


Participates as an actress in collaboration with the Danish group Odin Teatret, the show "UR-Hamlet " directed by Eugenio Barba, appearing in several festivals in Italy, Denmark and Poland (2006,2009).


In 2012, in Barcelona makes Performative Sole Creation "Beyond my corner" in the Atelier de creation of single laboratory with the direction of Maria Stoyanova, performing in Barcelona and México.


She studies the Masters in Art Therapy  taught by  the University of Vic (UVic) together with the Association per a l'Expressió i la Communication (AEC) in Barcelona and recognized by the INECAT, Paris (2012-2014).


   In collaboration with other artists from different disciplines and backgrounds, develops the Burdel del Arte (Brothel Art) project looking for spaces to present and develop shows with autobiographical line and performative actions in Barcelona



In 2016 the solo performance premieres:


 "Una flecha en mi cabeza"

(En busca de Juana de Arco)


"An arrow in my head"
(In search of Joan of Arc).


In 2017 presents the work in progress of the  solo performance :

"Las mujeres que hay en mí"


"The women in me"

In 2017 she combines her two solo performances in:

                                       "Una voz a dos tiempos"

                                        "A voice to two times "

        She is currently developing several projects:

Project "Roots" with Evan Worlwind in which the languages of the butoh dance and the Didgeridoo are conjugated.

            Art therapy, creation, narration and expression projects for children and the elderly people.

 Stage            Work


Foto : Joan Sèculi

© 2023 created  By Ana Laura López  

© 2023 created By Ana Laura López